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  • Weddings Organizing, Invitation Organizing, Engagement Organizing, Wedding Desserts, Kosha, Bridal Shower, Host and Hostess team, Fireworks, Music System, Table Cards, Invitations, Memories Photogallery, Video Recording, Country Wedding, Boat Wedding, Catering, Animation, Treats, Balloon Decoration, Banner, Flowers


Solicet is proud to have served a large and permanently growing portfolio of worldwide clients and extended its operation to cover the entire Middle East & GCC, and Europe with our local and international team who guarantee quality and success, since 1995.
Solicet team is always committed to provide quality events and entertainment. With a rapidly changing environment of the event industry, Solicet is always a step ahead by offering a variety of services line, creating a diversification that made Solicet a signature of excellence by the ink of its quality service. With a young, creative and highly dynamic team, Solicet is always bounded to fulfill its promise of permanent development and growth, toward its clients and shareholders.

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  • 288 Center – 9th floor Naoum Labaki Street Horsh Tabet – Sin El Fil Beirut - Lebanon
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